Basic Information Edit

The cheapest melee. Common in early-game and abandoned at the start of mid-game.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Cost
Protective Axe Regain armour after every kill. Armoursteal +5 1 $3000
Sharpened Blade Increases the damage of the Axe. Damage +125 2 $3000

Strategy Edit

  • Even though it's a melee, at least keep some distance so that you can hit a zombie without getting any damage.
  • When swinging, make sure the zombie isn't a boomer. Otherwise death may occur.
  • Protective axe may seem like a good upgrade, but this weapon is the only way to get armoursteal, and so if you are running a melee only build, upon upgrading to katana, your armour will be much less useful, as it will break fast due to zombies hitting you constantly. Instead, you should buy more max health, as all other melee weapons have health regeneration.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being much larger than the knife, the military axe can be swung faster.