You heard me

MAJOR update coming soon guys. Not sure how you can make your own wiki but 1 of 2 things will occur once i can gather all of the information with my “all seeing eye of agamoto”

New Wiki Page

If this goes through, you will see a new page in the making. It will rise in an uproar and out live this one in a explosion so spectacular that all with the untrained eye will be blinded by sheer power.

This Wiki goes from META!!

You heard me, option 2 will cause the site to be memeified to the likes that no has prepared for over 2 years.

Kidding about the memes (Maybe)

In all seriousness, this page needs to be updated or I’m making a new wiki page. I hope your bodies are Reggie for the greatest wiki update that no one with a untrained heart will survive. But hey, that’s just a theory, a Game Theory, thx for watching. But in all seriousness you better be ready.

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