After a few weeks of playing this game, i have a few tips and tricks to share

  1. Start the game off with triple upgraded piggy bank perk. This gives you an additional $6000 when starting which you can purchase a flintlock with. A flintlock is a 1 hit headshot till round 4 and has ammo capacity of 40 rounds without upgrades. This means you can easily kill off all the zombies alone when your teammates are retreating to refill ammo. By round 5, you should have the most money in the team.
  2. Try to bait zombies, get the zombies to lock onto you and chase you. This ensures that their head is always still infront of you while you back up. This makes it easy to headshot enemies and combined with the one hit headshot flintlock, its just point and click.
  3. Attempt minimal buying and selling of guns. Each time you sell a gun, you lose quite of money and it puts you further back in the game. Try to keep your buying/selling low by following this preferred route.Flintlock -> AUG -> Minigun. By doing so, you get to keep a lot of money for upgrading and will be the first to buy the minigun.
  4. When you know you are going to finish the night, rush into a swarm of zombies at around 5.30 A.M. You would respawn at the shop when the night ends, allowing you to return to the shop easier and it makes your life much more easy.